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                Your position:月神照明 > en > Products > LED wall washer >
                LED wall washer

                HX-X-81 (Extra-thick low-pressure LED wall washer)

                Name: Extra thick material LED wall washer
                Style: silk screen glass shiny surface, thick aluminum shell, integrated radiator structure.
                Light body size: 1000mm * 40mm * 35mm (any non-standard length can be customized)
                Light body material: thick aluminum extruded profiles, tempered glass, stainless steel fasteners
                Surface treatment: anodized (aluminum oxide) or electrostatic spray (color can be customized according to the facade of the building color)
                PCB material: high thermal conductivity aluminum substrate
                Light Source: Imported High Brightness LED (Light Emitting Diode)
                LED number: 24 (high power 1W /, 110-150Lm / W)
                Light bead chip: the United States Purui chips or Taiwan wafer chips
                Life: 50,000 hours (maintenance-free during use)
                Use voltage: DC24V
                Output current: constant current 300mA
                Power: 24W (can be customized for a variety of power)
                Energy efficiency: 75% or more
                Color rendering index: ≥ 80Ra
                Luminous flux value: 2600Lm
                Light color: white, warm white (can be customized a variety of monochrome such as red, blue, green, yellow, white, warm white and colorful, etc.)
                Color temperature: 4000K (1800K ~ 6500K optional)
                Wash wall height: 3-5 meters (30 ° angle)
                Projection distance: 30 meters
                Beam angle: 15 °, 25 °, 30 °, 45 °, 15 * 45 °, 25 * 60 ° optional
                Looking up angle: adjustable
                Lens Material: PMMA (Acrylic)
                Mounting bracket: with chute, removable, adjustable upview
                Installation: bracket installation (aluminum bracket, expansion screws can be fixed to the mounting surface)
                Protection class: IP67 (waterproof structure with plastic irrigation seal, special waterproof pad, plus one-component silicone lighting special lighting, double waterproof)
                Suitable temperature: -35 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
                Certification information: CE certification, ROHS certification and quality inspection center of the State Quality Inspection Report
                Quality level: a level
                Warranty: Warranty three years, life-long maintenance
                Features: LED wall washer has both linear light source characteristics and surface light source features, rich colors, is a new high-end outdoor lighting products. High efficiency and energy saving LED light source, high brightness, no UV, no strobe, uniform light spot, a small angle of irradiation of the wall or other surface was irradiated, does not produce light pollution. Solid light source, shock proof, good safety. Aluminum shell, anodized or electrostatic spray treatment, acid and alkali, high UV resistance. Isolated drive power, active PFC circuit design, constant current output, super energy saving and extended service life. Comes with a mounting bracket, easy to install and debug, looking up angle adjustable. Maintenance-free during use.
                Applicable occasions: Suitable for outdoor environment, waterproof and dustproof. Applied to the building lighting, overpass, the city square, large sculpture lighting, parks, stage lighting, billboard lighting, tree lighting, landscape lighting, green belt lighting.
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